The game is Pet Society

Ever wanted a pet but just didn’t have the space, time or money to raise one? Well, if you’re a Facebook user all you need is a few minutes per day to make a cute and cuddly bunny, kitten, puppy or even a bear happy in the new year.

Pet Society

Pet Society

The game is Pet Society, a cute little world created by Playfish, a social game company founded by casual and mobile game veterans.

A pet is easy to adopt when you first add the application to your facebook page. You can customize your pet by changing its ears, nose, mouth and hair. You can even select what color you want them to be. Once you name them the tutorials will begin as you allow your pet to explore its new home. You even get a few coins to purchase furniture for its home or fun clothes for them to wear.

I decided to create a kitten lovingly named “Nuttermuffins,” at first it took a few minutes for Nuttermuffins to respond to my commands. As I explored the different things I can do with Nuttermuffins, I learn one very important lesson: You still have to bathe and feed your pet.

After taking Nuttermuffins to the local Cafe to meet other pets, I wondered why they moved away from her. Nuttermuffins was a bit foul according to the personal hygiene meter and had a bit of an attitude problem due to starvation.

I was a bad virtual pet owner on the first day. After bathing and feeding Nuttermuffins, we explored the different areas on her map. It doesn’t take long to figure out what activities you can do with your pet to earn more coins and where to purchase foods, clothes and furniture.

I think the game is cute and fun, but depending on your internet connection you can expect the game to lag as you move your pet through his world or participate in activities like hurdle racing, frisbee tossing and jump rope to earn trophies in each event.

The game is free to play unless you want cool gear and items for your pet and its living quarters. If you want all the items now you can have your pet visit the local bank and purchase points.

The points can be purchased through PayPal or PayByCash services for $4.99 for 2,500 coins, $9.99 for 5,500 coins, $19.99 for 12,000 coins or $39.99 for 26,000 coins.

You can also earn coins by taking a survey from Pet Society sponsors, which includes filling out an application to try a product. I must say, players should use their best judgment and reading the instructions before participating in a survey.

Other than Erin Bell’s cute little bunny, Terra, I haven’t seen very many pets occupying the Cafe, but Nuttermuffin’s world is still small and under development.

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